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Let us tell you about...

...the time Harry got mugged

One morning in the Fall of 2003, we arrived at the museum to find our beloved buffalo, Harry, lying on the ground. Someone had knocked him down and one of his horns had broken off. We had to call in a specialist (a welder) to reattach the horn but this took a little time so in the mean time, we fixed Harry up with an awesome buffalo sized Band-Aid!

... the time we moved a one ton printing press down the street on a pallet jack.

Veni Vidi Voro!

(Veni, Vidi, Lusi too)

Wooden Nickel party at Incredible Pizza Factory, October 2008

...the time Amanda got an email from Scott Baio

... when

Mallory, our typesetter, left work on Friday and came back on Monday with a baby!

Our St. Patrick's Day "Guess Haw Many Wooden Nickel in the Pot-O-Nickels" contest.

...that time the wooden nickel crew invaded Retama Park for dollar night at the horse races.

...the time the big kids had more fun than the little ones at a Birthday party for one of our crew members kiddo!

The Time Bacon Visited the Museum

Bacon in front of the World's Largest Wooden Nickel

Amanda's four legged turkey on our office calendar!

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